When you think of Magick the images of illusionists and cheap tricks come to mind.

When I talk about ‘Magick’ I am referring to the ‘Laws of attraction’ in the laws of attraction as many of us know that if you think it you manifest it.

For example:

I am feeling down and I start thinking maybe I am sick and begin putting that thought into action and focusing on it. The next thing I know I caught a cold. I put the thought out into the universe continued to think it all day and the universe replied with an illness.

Remember if you can manifest an illlness then on the flip side of the coin you can manifest a joyful and happy live by being ‘Mindful’ 

You probably have heard alot about Mindfulness it is all other the place these days in the News and social media even in our kids schools the teachers are teaching it.

Thank goodness because we really can benefit from it when practiced correctly.


Meditate every day take 5 minutes and relax your mind, body and soul.

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Along time ago in Ancient times it was believed that our bodies could receive messages from our higher conscious through our Chakras. The Chakras are 7 spinning disks in our bodies. ( I will leave a link to my blog about Chakras) By keeping your Chakras in balance this is one way to use the energy in your body to manifest good things in your life. If your Chakras are balanced it is good for your health.

A lovely way of harnessing your energy is working with the Moon Phases I will leave a link for to help with this and manifest a good life for yourself and family if that is something your interested in.

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In conclusion, Magick is real and if you want to work with it in your life there are many books of witchcraft, Wicca ( a earth based religion that incorporates magic) there are many books and articles on the internet but try and do a little background work before you believe all you read on the internet.

This is the blog post about Chakras:

This is a Wicca website I enjoy feel free to check it out. I think it offers a subscription but I just signed up for the free newsletter

this is the link for the moon magic:

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