irish folklore

Folktales and songs, handcraft and herb lore and the fairies also known as the sidhe. Ireland is full of lore that is handed down from generation to generation.

fairies (fae)

According to the Irish folklore, there is often a secret exchange made where the fairies take a human child and leave a changeling in its place without the parents knowing. The fairies are believed to take the human child to become a servant, because they love the child or for purely malicious reasons.

Some changelings were even believed to be old fairies brought to the human world to be protected before they died.

Let's not forget the Leprachauns they are sidhe too.

Fairyland is also known as the other world it is where the fairies live in large mounds under the earth.

standing stones, mystical, magic

the giant's causeway, northern ireland

Irish Folktales involve such sagas as Fin Mac Cool the Irish giant that fooled his enemy across the sea in Scotland.

craftmans lore


The Irish would often teach the next generation in their family their own skill. Fathers taught their sons blacksmith skills or farming. Mother taught their daugters cooking, baking and sewing. This is also a part of the lore.

craft, forge, work

herb lore

lavender blossom, lavender, purple

Herbalism is a part of Irish folklore the local midwife/medicine woman would be visited by the town folks if any of them had an ailment. The woman would whip up a tonic or a balm made from the local herbs gathered in the forest or on the land close by.

Today Irish folklore is living on through the people of Ireland sharing tales, songs and poems with friends and family about there homeland.

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