Working with Brigid

The night that Brigid was born her mother want into labor as she tended the fields.

The myth tells us that as her mother entered the house she couldn’t make it over the threshold and Brigid was born right there on the threshold as you enter the house.

As many of us know the threshold is between worlds. As you step into your home you are neither in or out you are between worlds.



the threshold of the house, magnolia, flowers

If you work with Brigid and would like to feel her presence in the home as you enter you can place something on the door or maybe the little table some of us put our keys on as you enter your home.

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Placing a Celtic cross or a Brigid Cross on or close to the door is a nice way to honor Brigid in your home. 

As you leave the home you can touch the symbol and ask Brigid to protect you on your journey.

When guests come to your house you can ask Brigid to welcome them to your home and always offer your guest something to drink or eat as this is the Irish way.

doorway ritual

Here’s a simple ritual to bless your threshold.

Open the door and stand just inside it. Place your hands on the doorframe. Close your eyes.

Feel the empty between space where you stand. Sense the power.

Imagine a golden light glowing from your heart space and let it spend around the between place feel it glow.


Doorway Prayer

Offer this Prayer:

The light of Brigid be about me,

On my going out and on my coming in,

May she walk before me on every road.

May she stand behind me at every challenge,

May she hold the map of my journey

And bring me safely home to my journey’s end.


When your ready, open your eyes and gratefully close the door.

I borrowed this ritual from a beautiful book I am reading. My thanks go to the Author Lunaea Weatherstone. Feel free to check out the book

‘Tending Brigid’s Flame.’

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