what is the ogham?

avenue, away, nature

Ogham is the first system of writing used for the Irish language, in use on standing stones between ~400 and 600AD.

The above is a chart of the Ogham Alphabet and the tree that the letter represents.

standing stones, mystical, magic

A lot of the Ogham Alphabet can be found on rocks similar to the ones in the image above. The ‘Ogham’ can be found on gravestones. The stone markers are still erect in Ireland today. To this day the reason for the Ogham language has still not been understood.

Judith Dillon of OBOD says,

“At its most simple, the symbols of the alphabet, like those of other early divination systems, spell out a guide through the world of manifestation, the material world of the Mothers. They then provide a return into the World of Time after passing through the dark. At its most complicated, the alphabet contains sophisticated mathematics and alchemical secrets.”

This is a small bit of history on the ‘Ogham language and if you are interested in working with the metaphysical energy of the alphabet I will leave a link below for an article on ‘How you make your own Ogham Stave for divination.’

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