Witches yuletide tree decoration

  • Take a Clear Tree Ornament like this one ) and remove the metal cap and hanger.
  • Carefully fill the bulb with ground-up spices or herbs ( like Sage ~ helps with protection or lavender helps soothe your  mind )
  • Also, you can add crystals or ground-up seashells. 
  • Add some Sparkly Thread, to ask as the trapping device for the bad vibes. Think of it as a sticky spider web and the negative energy is the fly. 
  • If you want to paint the ball blue is the popular color choice, blue is associated with serenity and calm but it’s up to you are the boss.
  • As you assembly, the ball, think about the protective energy you are trying to create and imagine it glowing with mesmerizing powers ready to draw in any negative vibes are out there, imagine the ball as a protector, helping keep you and your home safe.
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