wheel of the year

Wheel of the year

The Pagan calender is often referred to as the ‘Wheel of the Year’. The Pagan calender differs to ours because it was not dated like numbers on the calender. It was simply a wheel probably carved from wood and the seasons are engraved on it. These are called the ‘Sabbats’ 

  There are eight Sabbats on the Wheel. Samhain is the first: 

  1. Samhain Oct. 31st
  2. Yule Dec.21st-Jan.1st
  3. Imbolc ~ Feb. 1st
  4. Ostara ~ Mar. 21st
  5. Beltane ~ May ~ 1st
  6. Litha ~ June 21st
  7. Lughnasadh~Aug 1st
  8. Mabon ~ Sep. 21st